Free Will Saison/Cheese Paring Event
6/10/2019 | 6:00 pm
Free Will Oak-Aged Saison/Cheese Pairing Event

Last year, the brewers at Free Will in Perkasie, PA decided to make a handful of saisons based around the local flora.  They foraged lavender, dandelion, honeysuckle, and chamomile.  They were fermented in an oak foudre and aged in single-purpose single-purpose wine barrels.  We took the final products and paired them with cheeses from around the world.  One of the brewers responsible for these beers, Hannah Gohde, will be in attendance, as well as the owners of Savory Gourmet!
$35 (before tax and gratuity)
Social: 6:00 pm - Event starts at 6:30 pm
Please call 717-626-2115 or stop by the Front Desk to make reservations!