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Afternoon Beverage Service $2.70 per guest
Coffee, decaf & a selection of our teas
Includes hot water, cream, sugar, sweeteners   
Assorted soda on ice & carafes of iced tea
Assortment of fruit juices: Orange, grapefruit, & cranberry juice  

Hosted Bar
(4 hour open bar)
Standard label liquor/Beer/Wine $23 per guest
Premium label liquor/Beer/Wine $26 per guest
Beer and wine only $20 per person
Upcharge for Craft Beer depending on the style/name

Open Bar
Billed on the consuption amount of your guests per drink

Cash Bar
Standard and premium labels available, billed on a consumption basis
Standard and premium labels available, guests are individually charged

Crystal Punch
Non-alcoholic fruit punch, $1.85 per guest
Sparkling wine punch, $3.50 per guest
Peach champagne punch, $4.25 per guest

Beer Service
Domestic bottle beer from $3.50 per bottle
Imported bottle beer from $4.50 per bottle
Domestic kegs - ask your event planner for options
Specialty imports & micro brews available upon request
Special beer orders will be billed on a per case basis

Additional Options
Non-alcoholic fruit punch, $1.85 per guest
Sparkling wine punch, $3.50 per guest
Peach champagne punch, $4.25 per guest
Domestic bottle beer from $3.50 per guest
Imported bottle beer from $4.50 per guest
Domestic kegs - ask your event planner for options
Specialty imports & micro brews available upon request

Wine, sparking wine, sparking cider & champagne service.
Your Event Consultant can help you select a variety of Wines, Sparking Wines (alcoholic & non-alcoholic), and Champagne


Muffins Assorted $9.00 per dozen

Danishes Assorted $18.00 per dozen

Croissants Assorted $19.00 per dozen

Bagels French $17.00 per dozen

Vanilla Yogurt $2.00 per guest

Granola House-made maple pecan granola $2.35 per guest

Fresh Fruit Salad $1.95 per guest

Whole Fresh Fruit Basket $2.35 per guest

Coffee Cake $2.70 per guest

Beverages Fresh assorted juices: orange, grapefruit, cranberry, or pineapple fruit juices $5.00 per pitcher

Coffee and Tea Lancaster County coffee and assortment of hot teas $2.25 per guest

Milk Whole or 2% $1.25 per guest


Scrambled eggs $1.75 per guest

Add cheese $1.90 per guest

Applewood smoked bacon $2.80 per guest

Breakfast sausage $2.00 per guest

French toast casserole $4.25per guest

Bacon, egg, spinach frittata $3.95per guest

Hot biscuits $10.00 per dozen

Brown sugar baked oatmeal $3.70 per guest

Grilled ham steaks with pineapple $2.50 per guest

Home fries $1.05 per guest


Sutter Signature Chicken Salad on Croissant $8.75 each

Shaved Roast Beef & Swiss Cheese, Horseradish, Roasted Garlic Aioli on Brioche Bun $9.75 each

Roasted Turkey & Smoked Gouda on Rye with Sun Dried Tomato Aioli, butter lettuce and bacon $9.50 each

Black forest ham, pineapple relish, roasted red pepper, and provolone on wheatberry bread $9.75 each

Roasted vegetable wrap roasted zucchini, squash, red onion, grilled portabella and roasted red pepper hummus $7.50 each


All served with Chef Selection of daily starch, vegetable and bread

Chicken Options:
Crispy pan seared chicken breast with wild mushroom marsala sauce $18
Lemon cilantro marinated grilled 6oz chicken breast topped with roasted corn and black bean salad $19.50
Roasted smokey bbq chicken thighs topped with sour green apple and jicama slaw $19.25

Seafood Options:
Olive oil poached salmon with Chimichurri sauce $22.00
Roasted Mahi Mahi topped with an Indian spiced fruit compote $23.00
Crispy 4 oz crab croquette with fire roasted red pepper coulis $21

Beef Options:
Grilled flatiron steak with red onion and fennel slaw $25
Beef tenderloin kabobs, garlic marinated and grilled with bell peppers and onions $22
Grilled beef bratwurst with our house made lager braised sauerkraut $119.50

Porcini and truffle ravioli, stewed tomatoes, basil, shaved Manchego cheese $19.50
Barley, bell pepper, and feta stuffed roasted zucchini with herbed olive oil drizzle $18


Traditional Caesar Salad $2.75 per guest

Sutter House Salad $2.75per guest

Farmers Market Salad- fresh local Roasted Vegetables, Spring greens, tossed in our LemonPoppy seed Vinaigrette $3.40per guest

Tomato Mozzarella Salad with Basil and Balsamic Drizzle $4.35 per guest

Strawberry Spinach Salad- Pecans, Goat cheese, Tomatoes, Herbed Olive oil Drizzle $3.35 per guest

-Add Chilled Shrimp $5.75per guest -Add Diced Chicken $3.75 per guest


Soup du Jour
Roasted Tomato – Basil Bisque Kale, Roasted Garden Vegetable and Bean Hearty Corn and Seafood Chowder with Garlic Croutons Chilled Gazpacho with Basil Oil
$4.00 per guest


Sweet Onion Chips $10.00 per bowl

Warmed Bread Rolls and Whipped Spreads $2 per guest

Sourdough Pretzels $9 per bowl

House Made Red Bliss Potato Salad with Green Onion $1.95 per guest

Three Bean Salad- Tomatoes, Feta Cheese, Onion, marinated in Lemon Cilantro Dressing $2.25 per guest

Penne Pasta Salad with Spinach, Black Olives, Sundried Tomato, Red Onion, tossed in House Italian Vinaigrette $2.85 per guest

Thai Linguini with Bell Peppers in Spicy Peanut Sauce $2.85 per guest

Traditional house made Cole Slaw $1.90 per guest


All items are served with Chefs choice of starch and vegetable

Chicken Options:
Grilled 6oz chicken breast with mango, avocado and black bean $21.75
Creamy brie stuffed local Eur0pean chicken breast pan seared and glazed with an orange dijon marmalade $24.50
Rosemary braised half-chicken with stewed tomatoes $22.50

Beef and Pork Options:
Garlic and peppercorn crusted seared 6 oz tenderloin with herbed gournay cheese and prosciutto cream $35.50 per person
Chocolate stout braised short rib, red pepper chutney, with natural jus reduction $26.50 per person
Grilled 10 oz ny strip loin, wild mushrooms and shallots, with demi-glace $36.25 per person
Sweet soy marinated pork tenderloin, fig compote $25.00 per person
Local 7 oz flatiron steak with fresh tomato chutney $29.00per person

Fish and Shellfish:
Lump crabmeat stuffed salmon, lemon dill butter $32.00 per person
Curry spiced Mahi Mahi, pear slaw, chipotle mango sauce $29 per person
6 oz lump crab croquette, sage and corn cream $31.00 per person
(Add on a Crab Croquette to any meal for additional $18 per plate)

Vegetarian and Pastas:

Butternut squash risotto, pine nuts, peas, shaved parmesan $20 per person
Turkish eggplant Biyaldi, Israeli couscous, tomato coulis $19 per person
Penne pasta, artichokes, capers, grape tomatoes, garlic cream $19 per person

Prices shown are for Buffet style dinner only; a $1 charge will be included per entrée for any plated dinner banquet



Seasonal Fruit Display - fresh berries and vanilla yogurt dipper $4.50 per guest

Artisan Cheese Board - grapes, mustard spreads, and crackers $8.25 per guest

Vegetable Crudité - fresh vegetables, olives and house bombay dip $4.25 per guest

Antipasto Display - cured meats, peppers, and grilled vegetable medley $9.50 per guest

Sutter Shrimp Cocktail - curry cocktail sauce, cilantro remoulade, lemon $10.50 per guest

Hummus Trio - traditional roasted garlic, creamy spinach, smoky roasted red pepper hummus with crisps, crackers, grilled pita and fresh vegetables $7.25 per guest

Grilled Vegetable Platter - roasted vegetables with herbs and honey balsamic drizzle $6.25 perguest


Sate Collection
Sate Madura: Grilled Chicken Sate with Peanut Dipper $1.40 per piece
Flank Sate- Shaved Flank Steak grilled with Curry Ginger Sauce $1.65 per piece
Sate Lilit- Crisp Pollock meat with Lemon Coconut Sauce $1.40 per piece

Mini Tart Collection
Bulls Head Beer and Lump Crab Phyllo Tarts with Citrus Sour Cream $2.85 per piece
Chilled Cajun Shrimp and Cilantro tartlet $2.60 per piece
Roasted Chicken, Apple, and Pecan shells $2.10 per piece
Feta and Artichoke Tart with Olive Tapenade $1.80 per piece

Crostini Collection
Classic Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella Bruschetta $.90 per piece
Smoked Salmon with a Chive Sour Cream and Green Onion $2.05 per piece
Italian Salami with Marinated Fennel Slaw $1.25 per piece
Goat Cheese Crostini with Red Pepper Jam $1.15 per piece
Hard cooked Egg, Smoked Paprika, Roasted Tomato with Garlic Chive Spread $1.20 per piece

Small Bites Collection
Fresh Cucumber cups stuffed with Mango Chutney $1.10 per piece per piece
Bacon Wrapped Scallops with our Sweet Soy BBQ Dipper $2.40 per piece
Tuna Sashimi spoons with Pickled Radish and toasted Sesame $2.40 per piece
Crispy Cuban Pork Spring Rolls with Chimichurri Sauce $2.05 per piece
Candied Walnut and Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushroom Caps $1.40 per piece

Terms and Conditions

All food items must be supplied by the General Sutter Inn. Wedding cakes or specialty desserts can be brought in and the dessert selection will be eliminated from the menu choices.
If alcoholic beverages are to be served in your banquet room, the Inn will require that beverage be dispensed only by the hotel servers and bartenders. The hotel’s alcoholic beverage license requires the Inn to (1) request proper identification (photo ID) of any person of questionable age and refuse alcoholic beverage service if the person is either underage or proper identification cannot be produced and (2) refuse alcoholic beverage service to any person who in the Hotel’s judgment appears intoxicated.
The General Sutter Inn as a Licensee is responsible for the administration of the sales and service of alcoholic beverages in accordance with the Pennsylvania L.C.B. Regulations. It is a house policy therefore that all alcoholic beverages must be supplied by the hotel.

An initial deposit of 30% of the calculated food and beverage expenditure as well as the set up fee of the banquet room that you will be utilizing is required no later than 30 days from booking date and will guarantee your date and event. A second deposit of 30% will be due 30 days prior to the event. Both deposits will be deducted from your final bill with the balance due the day of the event.

If a function is cancelled, the deposit will be refunded in full if the hotel receives written notice at least 30 days prior to the function. If cancellation is received less than 30 days prior to the event, the client will be assessed a 30% charge of the anticipated revenue for that function. If cancellation is received less then 7 days prior to the event, the deposit will be kept in full. The set up fee is included in the initial deposit but will not be refunded when a cancellation occurs.

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to provide the guaranteed number of attendees 7 days prior to the function. Failure to submit a final guarantee by the required time will result in the expected number shown on the contract being used as the final guarantee. This is the minimum number for which charges will be made regardless of attendance.
The client is responsible for paying for any additional guests served above the minimum guarantee. The General Sutter Inn will be prepared to seat and serve 2% over the final count.

Prices listed or quoted are per person and are subject to 20% service fees plus 6% Pennsylvania sales tax (except liquor). Menu Items are subject to change without prior notice.

The General Sutter Inn cannot assume responsibility for replacement costs of any damaged personal property or equipment. If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Front Desk at (717) 626-2115.

Bartender fee is $45.00 for the first two hours of service (minimum charge) plus an additional charge of $18.00 per hour after the first two.

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